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Tales from the Single Relationship Expert: Love is Blind RECAP

Is Love Blind?

At this point who isn’t watching or haven’t already seen the Netflix hit show Love is Blind? A fun social experiment that takes away the judgement of physical looks and focuses more on the inner beauty and character of a person. Makes you really wonder did I tolerate BS a little longer because they were good looking or did I miss out on amazing people because they struggled in the looks department?

I’m not going to sit here and say looks don’t matter when it comes to dating. I’m not about to lie to you or myself. What I will say is the character of a human is what is most important. When it comes to picking a life partner the character should most certainly hold the most weight in deciding, but the reality is you’re attracted to what you are attracted to. People say money isn’t everything. I agree, but having money damn sure helps make life a little easier.

Let’s break down the couples, shall we?

Lauren and Cameron - Different Races

Lauren and Cameron are my favorite couple. Their love showed that the human race should be the only race that matters even in the upside down world we live in. Of course they have their differences. Yes, Lauren is pro black but that does not mean she’s anti anything else. Cameron expressed his feelings regularly and they communicated with each other beautifully. They want the same things out of life despite their differences. To find the love of their life, build together and be happy are goals for many people. I was all the way here for it. Even her Dad came around to the idea. If that doesn’t show the power of love I don’t know what did. Congratulations to them all.

Jessica and Mark- The Age difference.

The only person that seemed to have a problem with this was Jessica. She is the perfect example of why self-awareness is so important. That woman needs to heal from her past so she can stop blocking her blessings when it comes to love. She can also use an AA meeting or two to jump start the process. Anyone else see her let the dog drink wine out her glass. I’m judging I’m judging I’m judging. Mark although a hopeless romantic, definitely chose to be blind in this experiment like even when his eyes were wide open and she was being disrespectful, he chose to not see certain things. He knew he was Jessica’s second choice, he knew her feelings were strong for Barnett especially after she saw what he looked like. He knew she was struggling with his age and looks. Let that be a lesson. Stop ignoring red flags. Just because you see potential in someone doesn’t mean they see it in themselves. I’m glad Jessica ended things so everyone could stop wasting each other’s time. Good job wreck it Ralph. Now Mark can find true love.

Amber and Barnett - Love Sick

You knew from the beginning Amber was ready to fall in love and be a wife and a mother. She knew her shit was messy but because she is honest and secure about who she is as a person she got the man of her dreams. I’m super proud of Barnett for knowing what he needed. He needed a woman that was crazy for him and that would love him to no end and in return he could do the same. I think they will make each other better. It’s healthy for a guy to be a little afraid of his wife no? Lol idk idk I enjoy how they really enjoy each other. They have growing to do but I’m happy they will do it together.

Damien and Giannina- Culture Clash I was so confused by them at first. I think the best way to describe them is yin and yang. They seem to balance each other out. She’s passionate and fiery and he’s pretty even keeled and logical. She shows him how to live a little and he’s her calm after the storm. I do love them together and I’m sure they will continue to love each other hard since they definitely have that in common.

Kelly and Kenny - Perfect Match on paper

Ya know sometimes as much as you want to feel it you just can’t. Doesn’t mean that person is not wonderful or a great catch, you just can’t force something that really should be natural. If they moved forward I don’t know if Kelly would’ve come around. Which wouldn’t be fair to Kenny because he was all in. It just goes to show that God will put people in your life that make you face various situations to help you grow. Kenny came out better and is now happy and in love in his new relationship. I hope Kelly finds her true soulmate. Yes, she’s happy for Kenny but my goodness that has to sting a little.

Carlton and Diamond -The Big Secret

To be honest this entire blog post could have been about these two but I think at this point people get the point. I truly believe that if Carlton was truly healed and secure with who he is as a person his approach would have been way different and Diamonds reaction could have been different as well. It’s not just what you say it’s how you say it. He was defensive, already telling her she’s not going to want him, completely setting the tone for how she should react. Not fair. When she was trying to understand he had already written her off because she didn’t respond the way he would have liked her to. This led to him calling her out her name and her storming off quoting Beyoncé lyrics. Lol I was like wait what. This entire relationship was mishandled. I’m sure they both have grown from this. Diamond will find her love because she’s very sweet, genuine and is open to it. I hope Carlton is working on his healing because if he doesn’t he’ll keep getting the same result. You need people. Stop trying to trick yourself into thinking you are better off alone.

So, is love blind? I truly believe it can be. America’s Sweethearts Cameron and Lauren made me a believer. Would I attempt an experiment like this? I think I would be open to it. Especially since everyone on it was pretty good looking... Just saying. No one was blind to that. When dating take the time and really get to know the person. Inner beauty never goes away, looks will fade, but ugly it to the bone.

Happy Dating!!

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