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Tales from the Single Relationship Expert: New Year's Resolutions are Trash!

New Year’s Resolutions are Trash!

Starting January 1st, I am going to the gym 8 days a week. I’m only eating what I grow from my Chia Pet garden and I plan to ride a unicorn by July. What? You don’t believe me? Okay maybe I’m over exaggerating, but the point I’m trying to make is people make these extreme goals and then beat themselves up about it when they fail miserably. #TooMuchTooSoon. That is no way to start a new beginning and I for one am done with it.

I’ve decided to start implementing life changes little by little. This way I’m not overwhelmed by trying to reach every single goal in such a short amount of time. For example, it’s all over the internet to drink a gallon of water a day if you want to lose weight (sigh). The thought of forcing myself to chug that big ass bottle of water depressed me. So, I broke down the ounces (128) and divided that by how many hours of the day I’m actually awake which is about 18hrs. That’s one glass of water an hour give or take commute time. I’m not saying it will work but I’m drinking more water than before. Baby steps.

I’m a true believer in the law of attraction and manifesting great things into your life even when it comes to matters of the heart. I’m also a believer in doing the work necessary to achieve goals and positioning myself to receive the things I pray for. We deserve greatness and we have to stop getting in our own way. So yeah, I’ll be out on the scene, flirting and smiling as I do the things I love outside of my apartment. If I plan to meet the man of my dreams I have to be visible right? He’s not just going to randomly knock on my door with pizza and a bottle of wine…you know what let me not block my blessings. Hey hot neighbor hey! Here’s a tip. Whenever you decide to tell the universe what you want, remember that what you are asking for is an identity. You don’t want “it”. You want to become the person who can get “it”. To whom much is given much will be required. Luke said what he said hallelujah.

Simple things like thanking God for waking you up this morning, reading affirmations before the usual Instagram scroll, drinking a glass of water before you hop in the shower are all acts of nurturing your peace of mind. You want that before you give yourself to the outside world filled with chaos and people taking up two seats on the train with their stuff. What the entire F (I’m being more mindful of my expressive word choice) baby steps.

I say all this to say. Be kinder to yourself. You want to be better? Then take the steps necessary to do so in a way that you can maintain it and it becomes second nature. You can start whenever you’re ready to be consistent. You don’t need to wait for a new year, first Monday, or an empty junk food cabinet to start. An improved way of life is what you’re striving for. Set reminders in your phone, write things down, have an accountability partner, surround yourself with go-getters, educate yourself on the things you know you need improvement on, take a class, go to a seminar and stop telling everybody everything. Some goals are personal and should be kept that way. Plus, there are people out there with funky energy. Keep them out of your business and flourish.

May 2020 bring you love, happiness, growth, health, wealth and anything else your heart desires.


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