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Tales from the Single Relationship Expert: I went Speed Dating, See what had happened was...

My first time Speed Dating!

When you think of conventional ways of meeting someone of course that idea of being spotted from across a crowded room and being swept off your feet comes to mind. Right? Maybe it’s just me? Whether it’s being introduced by a close friend, bumping into a kind face accidentally at a coffee shop or actively searching on a dating app, the idea of randomly meeting the perfect stranger that turns into the love of your life is pretty intriguing.

Well what if you had the opportunity to meet quite a few people in one outing. Would you take it? I felt it was my duty as a dating expert to give speed dating a try. After all I can’t recommend something I’ve never tried myself. What’s the worst that can happen? I meet no one of interest and go home to finish watching Black Mirror on Netflix knowing I got out of my comfort zone and tried something new. I’m in.

I decided to go with my sis. She’s a total 10 btw. We are forever a dynamic duo and our goal is always to have a great time no matter what. Bonus our friend from elementary school put the event together so, it was a great opportunity to catch up and support. I wore my hair in a bun. No brainer it’s hot as hell these days and my signature go to style. Plus wearing your hair up or back really accentuates your face and cool earrings just adds to it. I wore a camisole with a slight ruffle, jeans and metallic flats. It was an effortless chic not to mention it was my first time speed dating so I wanted to be comfortable. Sis was boho chic fabulous in a Bandu top, jeans and wedges not to mention a fierce cat eye. We were ready.

We walked into the lounge with no expectations. Like I said we were there to support and have a great time. We connected with our old friend had a drink, ate some food and engaged in a few ice breaker games. We played Nintendo, Flip Cup, Giant Connect Four and Jumbo UNO. My original plan was to speak with different accents to make it fun for myself but, my friendly ass was so busy socializing and laughing I forgot. Not mention the free-flowing shots that were going around. Who could’ve planned for that?

They gave out different color bracelets. Red meant “single”, yellow meant “it’s complicated” and green meant “taken.” Sis and I wore red and knew we would stay clear of the other colors. Drama free life people stay in your lane lol. There were 7 guys and 7 ladies. Each round was 4 minutes and to greet your date you would say "SALUD," take a shot and start the date. I spoke about being an author and networking as a gave out a couple of cards, travel and even discussed a little human behavior, all while laughing and listening to some interesting stories of how they ended up speed dating. I have to be honest with most the 4 mins flew by with others it was the longest 4 mins of my life.

At the end we all had to vote anonymously. The guys voted for the best woman speed dater and the women voted for the best man speed dater. The guy who won came as no surprise. He was extremely charming. The woman that won… was me lol. Yes, I won and I was pleasantly surprised. Now that I think about it would be weird if I didn’t. I’m a dating expert after all.

Do I recommend speed dating? Yes, yes I do. It forces you out of your comfort zone and is actually very fun if you expect nothing and enjoy everything. If you’re going to drink make sure you can hold your alcohol. Being sloppy drunk is unattractive for a man or woman. Bring some business cards, you never know. It only takes one yes to change your life. Most importantly be yourself. Or if you want to laugh at yourself talk with an accent like I plan to do next time lol. Happy Dating!

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